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New York, NY

Est. 2017

"Hammarsing Kharhmar grew up in the small Indian town of Shillong, known for its rolling hills and waterfalls. Kharhmar learned guitar there before he moved to Boston and started the New Wave group Mon Khmer, whose hypnotic psychedelia incorporates rock, jazz and pedal-steel sounds. Kharhmar later joined Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.'s solo band in 2008, playing on 2015's Momentary Masters and another Hammond LP, out this fall.

Now, Kharhmar is working with a different Stroke: Julian Casablancas, who is releasing Kharhmar's first solo EP (under the pseudonym Exhibition), on his Cult Records label. Casablancas also appears on the release – something he rarely does outside of Daft Punk. Casablancas sings on "No One There," an ethereal track marked by Kharhmar's fluid, dissonant lead guitar lines." -Rolling Stone


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